Seasonal Transformations

We Know Festive Decoration Inside and Out.

Seasonal Transformations has been creating spectacular festive displays in shopping centres and town centres for many years. Our comprehensive portfolio of commissions encompasses both traditional and contemporary creations that have transformed sites throughout the UK and Europe.  We pride ourselves on combining practical know-how with creative flair that allows us to deliver fabulous and imaginative projects on time and on budget.

This website contains a small sample of work that has helped to establish Seasonal Transformations reputation as one of the premier commercial decoration suppliers.

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Whether your vision is of a traditional Christmas display or a modern take on the holiday season, our designers have the experience to offer you a portfolio of original interpretations that will help achieve your vision.



Seasonal Transformations appreciates that a great deal of civic pride is at stake when it comes to festive town centre displays. This is why we take great care to interpret the needs and visions of our clients.



An animated installation can raise a decorative display from the spectacular to the truly amazing. Engaging eyes, gentle head, arm and leg movements which bring life to the installation and wonderment to shoppers.