Princes Mead Shopping Centre

Seasonal Flights

The SE 5A Bi-plane that hangs in the central atrium is the star of the show at the Princes Mead. We work hard to ensure that any decorative scheme enhances its status.

For Christmas 2012 we were tasked to extend and enhance the existing scheme that we have been building with the client over many years.

The exterior opportunities are limited here but the clients wish was to have a ‘feature to highlight the Centre and welcome shoppers’.

Having identified that there was indeed an opportunity for an iconic feature on the South West Tower, overlooking the car park, we designed, created and installed a bespoke 3/4 round 4m tall artificial tree to the corner of the tower.

The feature tree, displaying over 2,000 LED Lights, has become a beacon to the Centre to the delight of the client, tenants and public alike.

To the interior we were able to re-energise the Atrium decor and install three magnificent LED Light Stars. Each with a pair of LED Light Blades. These bespoke design features, whilst being most certainly festive, embrace the strong local aviation links with their propeller like ‘blade’ design.

Princes Mead Shopping Centre