Your Responsibility

Legal Obligation – Town Centres

Any person(s) or organisation(s) that contracts the installation and operation of seasonal lighting displays become the ‘Operator’ and as such have certain legal responsibilities for the safety of those installations. It is generally accepted that recommendations within The County Surveyors Society ‘Code of Practice for the Installation, Operation and Removal of Seasonal Decorations (Second Edition)’ be used as a fundamental guide. What is contained within the Code of Practice should be carried out by your Contractor, but this does not relinquish your responsibility to ensure that the works have been carried out to an appropriate level of competence and safety.

For example the Operator should ensure that:

  • All Anchor Points are of the correct type and installed correctly
  • All Anchor Points should be visually inspected every year
  • All Anchor Points should be tested as a minimum every Five Years
  • Minimum heights across highways and pedestrian areas must be maintained
  • Catenary (wire rope) size and materials should be considered and adhered top

Anchor Point Safety Testing – Make it Safe

Seasonal Transformations Limited offers, in addition to its’ Christmas Decoration design, Supply and Installation business, a complete peace of mind Anchor Point Service.

The Service offers:

  • Full site survey
  • Health & Safety
    1. Risk Assessment
    2. Method Statement
    3. Schedule of Works
  • Testing and Certification of all existing Anchor Points
  • Supply, Installation, Testing and Certification of new Anchor Bolts and/or Wall Plates
  • Chemical or mechanical fix methods (subject to substrate and usage)
  • Installing catenary wires to the correct tension
  • Record Card for each Anchor Test with unique ID Code
  • Fully trained and IPAF certificated crews
  • All Access Machinery required
  • Day or night service subject to specific site requirement and safe working practices

Switch-On with Confidence

So we’ve got great decorations and we’ve got safe Anchor Points, all we need now for a complete and safe infrastructure is to ensure the integrity of the Electrical Installation. Electrical testing of temporary installations, such as seasonal lighting, is required every year and a certificate of compliance issued. No problem… Seasonal Transformations Limited will carry out this work for you (usually at installation of the decoration scheme) and supply the required certification to the Operator. Alternatively we can carry out the complete installation of the necessary electrical infrastructure for your decoration scheme. When everybody has carried out their respective responsibilities correctly, everything is set for a magnificent display of lights . . . . and a peaceful Christmas.

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